NEWS RELEASE / January 17, 2018

Middle East & Africa

In the Middle East we have advised some large clients, such as DP World and Saudi Aramco on projects and acquisitions in the energy sector in South and Southeast Asia. Our work for Middle Eastern clients included feasibility work relating to the ‘Landbridge’ oil refinery and pipeline project in Southern Thailand (in conjunction with Royal Haskoning).

AWR Lloyd also had a large real estate client in the Middle East with investments in Southeast Asia. We have also advised some Asian clients in relation to investments and acquisitions in the Middle East including advice to a large fertilizer trading group on the potential acquisition of Arab Potash.
In Africa, AWR Lloyd advised private equity clients on investments in coal in South Africa and copper in the DRC. We also advised a large Canadian goldmining client on a major acquisition transaction, involving a number of assets in different African countries. One of AWR Lloyd’s principals worked extensively with South African clients in the goldmining sector in the 1990s as well as with major groups like Gencor, Billiton and Anglo American. During that time, the same principal advised a black empowerment group on the acquisition of JCI from Anglo American.

AWR Lloyd also has Senior Board Advisor, Raj Kohli, who was Head of Mining & Metals at Standard Bank of South Africa with extensive experience working with the African mining sector.