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Conventional & Nuclear Power

Our proprietary database and software on the power generation, transmission and distribution sector combined with an on-the-ground first-hand evaluation of projects enables the firm to model potential power demand scenarios, assess potential risks, conduct rigorous economic analysis of fuel and electricity pricing and assess dispatch levels of power plants. Our capability extends to the construction of detailed revenue and cash flow projection models in an attempt to provide our clients with sensitivity and scenario analysis.

Our regional presence helps us maintain close relationships with our clients and monitor the market for any opportunities with regard to Independent Power Producer (IPP) bidding, Small Power Producer (SPP) development and other M&A activities in the region.

AWR Lloyd provides regional gas and power research services within the Asia-Pacific based on a deep understanding of the markets in the region and focused on the key issues and fundamentals that drive gas and power prices. Our analysis of supply and demand dynamics, market structures and price forecasting is used by market participants, financial institutions and regulators as the basis for strategic investment and operational decisions in the key markets of the region.

We build upon that commercial knowledge of the power value chain by gaining an in depth understanding of the client’s strengths and abilities. This enables us to provide strategic value-creating advice to power companies.