Strategy Consulting

Our nine Strategy Consulting service modules are designed to help our clients understand the dynamics around existing value, capital and corporate structures and to formulate plans for new configurations that will maximize shareholder value over the medium to long term.

AWR Lloyd has developed a number of proprietary analytical tools which support these modules based on experience working with many different clients over the past two decades.

We help companies understand the dynamics around their existing geo-industry asset value composition, their capital structures – and how effectively their corporate configurations align the two. We provide a diagnosis and prognosis if existing structures and dynamics remain the same.

We then advise companies on forward-looking strategic value mapping analysis and asset portfolio optimization with a view to maximizing shareholder value over the medium or long term. We use proprietary tools and systems based on competitive advantage evaluation and in-depth analysis of the growth potential, economics and risks relating to different geo-industry segments of relevance to our client.

We advise on alternative funding strategies and corporate structures which can best facilitate growth scenarios. Then we help clients develop strategic plans to achieve their goals followed by work on implementation, providing hands-on support to clients for transaction execution.

Some clients look to us for multi-year comprehensive support on all aspects of shareholder value and deal cycles, while others only require short-term support on specific deals or modules of work.

Charting a course for our clients

The usual strategic metaphors of ‘landscape’ and ‘roadmaps’ can be misleading. The world of business cannot be navigated in this way. We prefer nautical metaphors. We help our clients chart their courses and prepare their fleets. We assess wind conditions including disruptive mega-trends and plan accordingly. But we know that technological, economic and geo-political weather patterns may change unexpectedly. We prepare contingency plans and ensure our clients are equipped with the best strategic compasses and instruments available. We are there for our clients to support their transactions along the way, to fight-off predators and to get them through the storms.

Alex Wood