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Mining & Metals: Steel, Base & Precious

AWR Lloyd provides transaction advisory, strategy consulting and industry studies in the steel, ferro-alloys, iron ore, gold, copper, zinc, nickel, tin and bauxite mining and metals industries in southeast Asia, India and Australia. For industrial minerals, we have particular experience in the potash sector both in Asia-Pacific and worldwide. In steel and ferro-alloys, AWR Lloyd has extensive experience in the steel industries of Thailand and Vietnam. For iron ore mining, AWR Lloyd and its principals can draw on extensive global experience.

AWR Lloyd can provide country-focused studies or regional studies which analyze the current and future structure of corporate control, resources, reserves, processing technologies, capital cost and operating cost estimates, trade flows and demand dynamics.

AWR Lloyd’s principals and senior advisors have extensive experience working with the non-energy mining and metals sectors worldwide (iron ore, bauxite, copper, zinc, nickel, gold, potash…) which goes back to the 1980s and early 1990s. Much of this experience was with some of the biggest names in the mining sector including Rio Tinto, Billiton (BHP Billiton), Anglo American, Glencore and CVRD (Vale). AWR Lloyd itself has been active in advising companies in the mining and metals sector since its formation in 2000.

One of AWR Lloyd’s first assignments was to advise an Eastern European government (in conjunction with the World Bank and a European investment bank) on the privatization of its aluminium industry, including the largest aluminium smelter in Eastern and Central Europe.

In the copper sector AWR Lloyd has advised a large Japanese group on the $200 million acquisition of a mining operation in Latin America. For a UK-based private equity fund we have advised on a copper mine investment in Africa, a zinc mine investment in China, a silver mine investment in Russia, a chromite mine investment in Vietnam, an iron ore mine investment in Brazil and a gold mine investment in the Philippines. In Southeast Asia, AWR Lloyd has advised a Canadian listed junior with a copper exploration play in Laos and an Australian listed junior with iron ore and gold prospects in Thailand. AWR Lloyd secured capital from strategic investors for nickel and gold mining projects in Indonesia.

In the potash sector, AWR Lloyd advised a major Swiss-based grain and fertilizer trading group on a potential investment in a potash company in the Middle East and assisted in providing a business plan for a Russian fertilizer company in support of a takeover bid.

AWR Lloyd advised a large Indian steel group on its downstream steel acquisition strategy in Southeast Asia, focusing on two steel wirerod mill acquisitions in Thailand. We have also provided in-depth reports on the Thai steel industry to a Japanese trading group with a focus on the two main minimill producers of hot rolled coil in Thailand.

In Vietnam, AWR Lloyd has conducted studies of the steel sector for a number of clients and has worked on two capital raising projects for two Vietnamese downstream steel producers.