Innovation for Sustainability – AWR Lloyd

I4S: AWR Lloyd’s Innovation for Sustainability practice

AWR Lloyd has been active in Asia for 20 years, advising clients primarily in the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors. During these two decades Asia has witnessed tremendous growth thanks to unprecedented investment in infrastructure and energy in the region – and the loosening of government controls, particularly in China. Hundreds of millions of people in Asia have been pulled out of extreme poverty as a consequence.

The dynamics of the next 20 years will be different. AWR Lloyd believes the single most critical driver of corporate value in Asian economies, as in western economies, over the next two decades will be ‘Innovation for Sustainability’ as expectations rise for corporate solutions to climate change and sustainable development.

In 2018, AWR Lloyd established and launched its Disruptive Innovation practice, which has been reformulated as an ‘I4S’ practice.

AWR Lloyd’s I4S practice offers its clients a suite of services designed to mitigate risks and leverage the benefits of innovation and sustainability trends:

  1. Energy Transition and Climate Change
  2. Disruptive Innovation & CVC
  3. ESG and Investor Relations
  4. Conservation Finance
  5. Circular Economy

Through these services, we support our clients with technical and financial due diligence, development of strategic plans – and implementation through M&A and Corporate Venture Capital development. AWR Lloyd also deploys its best practice Investor Relations advisory capabilities to ensure its clients communicate these initiatives effectively to the investment community and to stakeholders.

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