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Why AWR Lloyd ?

AWR Lloyd’s service range provides a unique fusion of the three conventional advisory business categories: investment banking, strategy consulting and industry research.

Unlike most of our competitors, this means we are able to work with our clients from the formulation of a new strategy or the feasibility of a new project – all the way through to the raising of capital or the completion of an acquisition – and then post-deal support. This approach saves a very substantial amount of time and money for our clients – and increases the effectiveness of transaction execution.

The ultimate goal in nearly all our assignments is to help our clients maximize shareholder value in a way that is sustainable and reflected in their share price performance. To achieve this we leverage in-depth industry analysis, best practice corporate finance skills and extensive local networks in Asia.

Understanding the dynamic and evolving relationships between valuation, competitive advantage, corporate control, strategic agendas, governance and communication is at the heart of all our work.

We emphasize creative thinking. We explore new ideas and approaches for our clients many of which may at first seem unrealistic but which can sometimes be transformed into optimal solutions and value-creating strategies.

We take the ‘long view’ in all aspects of our business. Building trust-based relationships in Asia takes time. Our senior principals have been active in Asia since the early 1990s and before. We have a keen sense of the importance of our reputation for integrity, quality-control and results.

We also adhere to the school of thinking that emphasizes both a long-term historical perspective, the cyclicality of geo-political and economic trends – and the importance of physical geography. In the natural resources, energy, logistics and infrastructure sectors in Asia this analytical perspective is particularly relevant.

Clients hire us for all the above reasons and because our approach is independent, discrete, customized, flexible and hands-on.

A word from the CEO:

Our Approach

Our fusion service approach integrating specialist industry and geographic focus with traditional investment banking advisory and strategy consulting is unconventional.But it makes a lot of sense to us and our clients. Nearly all our work revolves around shareholder value maximization and classic corporate finance themes of valuation, capital structure and corporate strategy.

As an independent boutique firm, our approach is also different to the mainstream consulting and banking groups in other ways. We are more down-to-earth and much less ‘in your face’. We don’t land on the beaches with armies of consultants paid by the hour bogging down senior management with endless workshops. We focus on the agreed objectives and get on with the task at hand. We emphasize a detective mindset for analysis, strategic insights, creative thinking, risk-mitigation, effective deal execution and best practice investor communication.

We try to be humble, discrete and flexible. And we know that building relationships and trust in Asia takes time. We take the long view. Asia is our home. We are here to stay.

If you have any questions about our approach or would like to know more about our expertise and services please get in touch.

Alexander Wood
Chief Executive Officer