End of Shareholder Primacy ? – AWR Lloyd

End of Shareholder primacy ?

Global business leaders are shifting away from Milton Friedman’s concept of Shareholder Primacy (that the sole purpose of business is to maximize returns) and moving towards Stakeholder Capitalism: the idea that business should serve all stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and shareholders and as well as environment. Our panel discussion in collaboration with TMA, discussed about the following with representatives from Krungthai-AXA, Indorama Venture and C.P. Group.  

Discussion points:

  • What is Stakeholder Capitalism? And why are corporates moving towards it?
  • How can corporates change their focus towards Stakeholder Capitalism?
  • What are some examples of corporates following Stakeholder Capitalism?
  • What are the key challenges in moving your company to align with Stakeholder Capitalism?