Competitive Advantage & Benchmarking Analysis – AWR Lloyd

Competitive Advantage & Benchmarking Analysis

AWR Lloyd conducts independent (and if necessary anonymous) interviews with fund managers and sell-side analysts to get in-depth feedback about how they value a client, how they view its strategy – and how they see the company’s investor relations programme.

AWR Lloyd provides peer benchmarking analysis for clients around various metrics including return on capital, costs, efficiency, productivity, margins, valuation multiples, management systems and business models.

The firm also provides in-depth core skills and competitive advantage analysis which looks at capabilities around all parts of the value-chain and corporate management including raw materials procurement, logistics management, country risk experience, operational and technical, project management and deal experience, finance, marketing, investor relations and governance. AWR Lloyd conducts the competitive advantage analysis through a combination of management interviews, stakeholder interviews and peer benchmarking.

AWR Lloyd uses a Competitive Advantage Scoreboard as part of its Strategic Value Mapping* framework for Value Maximizing M&LT Strategy assignments.

*Note: Strategic Value Mapping is a proprietary AWR Lloyd analytical tool.

For example: AWR Lloyd conducted a detailed historical analysis of return on invested capital (ROIC) in the oil trading, marketing and distribution, storage and terminals, E&P and olefins sectors amongst peer listed companies for an Asian oil and gas group. The study looked at three, five and ten year periods and divided the peer analysis in quartiles. The analysis was then compared to cost of capital thresholds to assess value-creation metrics. The objective was to study the client’s relative performance and to see what it could learn from the best performers and the worst performers in each area.