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Enter the Dragon !

AWR Lloyd offers its employees and consultants a unique fusion of investment banking and strategy consulting work across the Asia-Pacific region.

We are always looking for dynamic individuals with relevant skills and experience who share our philosophy of continuous self-improvement and our client-centric culture of intellectual curiosity, initiative and accountability.

The quality of work and standards expected of staff at AWR Lloyd are similar to those expected at the world’s leading strategy consulting and investment banking firms. Many of our principals and staff have come from some of the world’s leading resources and energy sector corporations (Rio Tinto, BHP, Mittal, Chevron, Tata…), consulting firms (McKinsey, IHS CERA… ) and financial institutions (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Paribas, HSBC, Standard Bank…) with educational backgrounds from many of the world’s top universities (LSE, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard…). Some of our younger staff have gone on to do Masters degrees at leading universities (Harvard, Cambridge…) or to join mainstream consulting or investment banking firms (McKinsey, BCG, Wood Mackenzie…).

We are especially interested in people with the following backgrounds:

Industry: (energy technology, power, oil and gas, steel, mining… etc): either from the operational side or with corporate level experience (business development, corporate planning, corporate finance…)

Equity research: analysts from mainstream investment banks and securities firms with experience in covering the energy, infrastructure, metals and mining sectors.

Fund management: analysts and fund managers (mutual funds, private equity…etc) with experience in the energy, infrastructure, mining and metals sectors.

Strategy consulting: individuals with training and experience at the main international strategy consulting firms, particularly those with experience in Asia or in the basic industries – and those with good corporate finance skills.

M&A investment banking: investment bankers with experience in M&A transactions in the Asia-Pacific region and/or in the basic industries.

We put particular emphasis on the following kinds of people and the following skills, traits and mindsets:

  • Self-starters who don’t expect to be spoon-fed and don’t need to wait to be told what to do!
  • People who take initiative and take ownership
  • People who have a sense of urgency, think ahead and understand the importance of follow-up and momentum
  • People who are accountable for their work – and the work of those around them – and who are open to constructive criticism
  • Industry knowledge (energy, resources, infrastructure, technology)
  • A genuine interest in the geo-politics and economics of Asia
  • Valuation analysis and financial modeling skills
  • Corporate finance and shareholder value expertise
  • Understanding of the dynamics of equity capital markets (funds, analysts, stock exchanges…)
  • M&A transaction skills
  • Hypothesis-based, source-sceptical, meticulous detective approach to bottom-up and top-down analysis
  • Powerpoint slide design, composition and infographics
  • People who know how to use the principles of mutually exclusive – collectively exhaustive in their write-ups
  • Good written English
  • Verbal presentation skills
  • Client relationship skills
  • Seeing complex challenges as a game
  • People who enjoy reading a lot
  • People who can smile and have a sense of humor under stress !
  • Integrity and compassion

For further information please contact us or send a CV at the following email: