Investment Evaluation & Due Diligence – AWR Lloyd

Investment Evaluation & Due Diligence

AWR Lloyd advises private equity funds, listed equity funds and corporate clients on investments in the energy, mining, metals, infrastructure and real estate sectors in Asia-Pacific.

AWR Lloyd helps clients to evaluate potential investments. AWR Lloyd can provide a full due diligence service including interviews, site visits, report write-ups, presentations to investment committees – and supervision and co-ordination of technical, legal, accounting and environmental due diligence consultants.

We perform valuation analysis using best practice valuation techniques and provide our views on key value drivers, upside potential, risks and potential investment returns. Our work helps our clients to better understand the value dynamics and risks of assets and helps them to structure their investments accordingly.

After an initial investment has been made, AWR Lloyd also helps clients to monitor their investments by preparing update reports. Update reports provide reviews of assumptions, updated discounted cash flow analysis, market multiples analysis and commodity price forecasts.

Since commodity prices are crucial to the valuation of mining and energy assets, AWR Lloyd also provides commodity outlook reports on different commodities. The reports not only help our clients understand the value of their investments so they can rebalance their portfolios but they also help them to identify new investment opportunities in commodities outside their current portfolio. These reports cover demand analysis, supply analysis, price forecasts, views and quotes from industry participants.

For example: AWR Lloyd advised a UK-based global mining sector private equity fund for a number of years. The fund was originally valued at around $50 million and was listed on the London Stock Exchange raising a further $50 million in capital in the process. AWR Lloyd has helped to evaluate a number of new investment opportunities in the mining sector for the fund focused primarily on the Asia-Pacific region. We have also provided several investment portfolio reviews and updates for the fund.