ESG Survey 2021 – AWR Lloyd

About the survey

With increasing knowledge, media coverage and public interest, ESG factors have become core to evaluating business resilience and long-term sustainability. For Thai companies, ESG has become one of the most important growth areas and a strategic priority.

AWR Lloyd and TMA designed this ESG Survey to discover how Thai business leaders perceive ESG, through questions regarding Awareness, Barriers, Risks & Opportunities, and Integration. While we highlight a range of insights gleaned from the responses throughout the report, we found three recurring themes:

  1. The increasing importance of Governance and Risk and Crisis Management
  2. The need for additional staff and training—especially among SMEs
  3. The growing focus on value-creating strategies that go beyond simply meeting ESG disclosure requirements to fully integrate ESG into the business

This Survey captures a unique set of data for three reasons. First, it was conducted during a deadly third wave of COVID-19 in Thailand, which propelled into prominence the ‘G’ dimension of ESG. Second, the respondents are all senior decision-makers (Board Members, CxOs and management), thus their outlook has a high impact on the Thai business community. Lastly, the diverse composition of TMA members, and therefore Survey respondents (who represent companies from eight sectors, with annual revenues ranging from below US$ 2 million to over US$ 2 billion), illustrate a vast spectrum of perspectives across the Thai business ecosystem