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Conservation Finance

What …

Conservation of forests is vital to achieving sustainable development goals (‘SDG’s) and climate ambitions.  Forests provide substantial benefits: soil health, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, air and water purification.

Why …

Conservation and restoration of forests are critical climate solutions, capable of contributing between 20-30% of all GHG reductions required to align with a 2-degree global warming target scenario.

For companies with operations subject to ‘carbon pricing’ (through emissions-trading schemes and/or carbon taxes) some jurisdictions may allow submitting of forestry carbon offsets (often, but not exclusively, REDD+) to meet compliance requirements.   Structured well, these forest carbon offsets can be more cost effective (while producing multiple other SDG related benefits) than alternative means of compliance.

What AWR Lloyd does …

Our Conservation Finance (‘CF’) service offers two main areas of support:

  • Project developer: we can support developers in securing financing for restoration and conservation projects.
  • Corporations: our services include (a) market analysis of forestry carbon offset regulations and fungibility (b) identify projects and developers for investment (c) assist with structuring investment (directly to project, into a conservation fund) (d) structure off-take agreements for forest carbon offsets.

Why AWR Lloyd …

As an energy, resources and infrastructure advisory firm with 20 years of experience in Asia, and with offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and India we are well placed to support projects and companies in this space.  Further, through our strategic partner in Indonesia, Bahana Securities, we are uniquely situated to help companies invest in Indonesia-based forest projects.

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