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Energy Transition and Climate Change

What …

Energy Transition (‘ET’) is a pathway toward transforming the energy sector from fossil-based to zero-carbon by mid-century.  The decarbonization of the energy sector will continue to evolve, though at a pace which is difficult to predict.  Energy Transition will be influenced by climate change policies, advances in low-carbon technology, and the push from corporates and consumers for low-carbon solutions.

Why …

The world has rapidly awoken to the seriousness of the threat of climate change and the rapid transition required to low-carbon energy sources if we are to stay well below 2-degrees temperature rise.

What we do …

AWR Lloyd helps its clients by (a) performing expert technical and financial due diligence on various energy technologies, risk assessments of emerging climate and energy policies (b) designing and implementing M&A strategies – and (c) communicating energy transition initiatives effectively to the investment and analyst community

Why AWR Lloyd …

AWR Lloyd has been advising clients in the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors on Energy Transition strategies for the last decade.

AWR Lloyd has a track record of technical and financial due diligence across all key technologies, including energy storage systems, solar PV technologies, wind power, biomass, hydrogen, micro-grids, CCS and more.

AWR Lloyd and our strategic partners help clients navigate these energy transition scenarios and develop a strategic response.

Our investor relations experience and expertise can ensure that your story and Energy Transition strategy is communicated effectively and understood by analysts and asset managers.

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