Partnerships for Business Resilience and Recovery in Southeast Asia – AWR Lloyd
NEWS RELEASE / November 23, 2022

Partnerships for Business Resilience and Recovery in Southeast Asia

This year, with support from the Office of Global Partnerships at the US Department of State (US DOS), FHI360 and AWR Lloyd have joined forces to prevent economic backsliding and promote business resilience in the private sector across the ASEAN region.

The aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the potential of future crises, still threaten significant damage to livelihoods across the ASEAN region. Together, FHI360 and AWR Lloyd are working to promote strong private sector protocols to ensure endurance and fortitude in the face of such disruptive forces. In a world of increasing uncertainty, it is critical that we build resilient systems capable of leveraging disruption to accelerate transformation, fuel innovation, and power growth.

Therefore, under the Partnerships for Business Resilience and Recovery in Southeast Asia, we have united our expertise to deliver the evidence-based Southeast Asia Business Resilience Toolkit in order to mitigate damage caused by COVID-19 and other major disruptions.

With the help of global health experts and business consultants, we are publishing the newest version of our Business Resilience Toolkit (1.8).

This time in order to ensure even greater accessibility we are releasing the Toolkit in both English and Thai.

Beyond the Toolkit, our services also include:

  • Working with host government health authorities through medical expert-led mediation and support.
  • Delivering effective corporate training on mental well-being, ESG, and other critical areas fostering long-term business sustainability.
  • Ensuring your partners or contractors are supported and engaged through communication, training, and compliance monitoring.

The partnership between FHI360 and AWR Lloyd provides a unique and powerful blend of public to private sector collaboration, evidence-based health expertise, and boutique management consulting. Our combined experience working with government health agencies, multinational companies, and state-owned enterprises gives us a unique perspective on navigating disruptions of any nature. We are uniquely placed to provide first-class support to help our clients build the fortitude they need to thrive in these unpredictable and turbulent times.

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