Medium Term Capital Structure Targeting and Financial Planning

AWR Lloyd worked with a listed Asian energy group to develop a medium term financial planning model. The group had a complex portfolio of intermediary holding companies and businesses in different countries. We modeled the cash flows, debt schedules and intra-group flows and loans to establish funding requirements and possible excess or under-gearing outcomes. In one year … Continued

Multi-year strategy consulting assignment – small Southeast Asian conglomerate to multi-billion dollar Asia-Pacific energy player

In 2000, AWR Lloyd started working for a small Southeast Asian conglomerate. The company had suffered during the ‘Asian economic crisis’ and was looking to reinvent itself going forward. The company was involved in a number of different businesses with few synergies: a goods port, power projects, a chemicals investment, industrial minerals mines and some … Continued

Gas Monetization

In Malaysia, AWR Lloyd provided HESS with gas monetization options which led to negotiations with Petronas.

Coal and Copper Investment

In Africa, AWR Lloyd advised private equity clients on investments in coal in South Africa and copper in the DRC.

Vietnam Steel Sector Capital Raising

In Vietnam, AWR Lloyd conducted studies of the steel sector for a number of clients and is currently working on two capital raising projects for two Vietnamese downstream steel producers.

Coal Merger Transactions and Corporate Finance Strategy

In Australia AWR Lloyd advised a coalmining company on five M&A transactions over a five year period, two of which were successfully completed. AWR Lloyd also advised the same company on aspects of its strategy and investor relations.

Corporate Finance Strategy – Regional Coal Business

AWR Lloyd has been instrumental in the development and expansion of two smaller players into multi-billion dollar coal suppliers over the past decade – one in Australia, acquired by a Chinese group for $3 billion – and one in Asia, a $6 billion dollar company with coal and power interests in six countries: Indonesia, Australia, … Continued

Market Signals Analysis and Investor Relations Advisory

AWR Lloyd has conducted a Market Signals Analysis for a large Thai energy group every three years over the past ten years. Each time, AWR Lloyd has prepared detailed questionnaires for fund managers and analysts to assess their views on the client’s strategy, value dynamics and IR programme. We interviewed between 15 and 20 fund … Continued