NEWS RELEASE / June 22, 2012

The AWR Lloyd Foundation

The AWR Lloyd Foundation is a new charitable venture providing support to underprivileged and disadvantaged children in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Foundation has two main areas of focus:

  • Helping kids living in poverty or in danger – and children in need of special protection and care. The AWR Lloyd Foundation targets charitable projects in Asia-Pacific for street kids, orphans, children in war-zones and refugee camps – and children with terminal or incapacitating illness.
  • Educational projects which enable underprivileged kids in Asia to go to school – and to stay at school. The Foundation is particularly keen to support education projects with a positive multiplier dynamic whereby when these kids are older they can enter into constructive careers which bring value and stimulus back to their home countries and communities – via business enterprise, social projects, public service or other work.

Some examples of charities supported by the AWR Lloyd Foundation in recent years:

The Human Development Foundation’s Mercy Centre in Bangkok. Established in 1973 the HDF builds and operates kindergartens, protects street childrens’ rights, provides home care for mothers and children living with HIV/AIDS and responds to daily emergencies in the slums of Bangkok. AWR Lloyd has sponsored various HDF projects including the development of a new English language programme.

The Yayasan Kasih Mandiri Bersinar Orphanage in Jakarta: AWR Lloyd provided donations for supplies and basic provisions.

The Red Nose Foundation in Indonesia: AWR Lloyd supported the Red Nose Foundation – an NGO in Indonesia affiliated with Clowns Without Borders (USA) which uses arts to support education and personal development of underprivileged children in Indonesia

Thai Red Cross Children’s Home in Bangkok: AWR Lloyd in conjunction with PYI Consulting donated and installed playground equipment at the Thai Red Cross Children’s Home on Children’s Day in 2011.

Koala Kids Foundation: AWR Lloyd made donations to Koala Kids, an Australian charity dedicated to the care and support of children with cancer.

British Business Group Vietnam Fun Run:  AWR Lloyd sponsored and took part in the 2012 Vietnam’s annual fun run.  The proceeds went towards the support of various charities throughout Vietnam.

Peter Dalglish, founder of Street Kids International, and a leading authority on working children, street children and war-affected children is Senior Advisor to the AWR Lloyd Foundation. Has recently served as Country Representative for the UN-HABITAT in Afghanistan, amongst other things, directing a skills training programme for over 300,000 young people across 20 provinces in Afghanistan.