NEWS RELEASE / September 22, 2016

Project finance 101 workshop – AWR Lloyd at Asia Power week, Seoul, Korea 22 September 2016

Brought to you by AWR Lloyd this workshop is designed as a focused session intended to develop practical understanding and build the capabilities required to understand, analyze and participate in project finance preparation, analysis and modelling for power and RE projects.

It will combine presentation and breakout style workshop sessions to effectively convey valuable information and develop core skills. The first session will link each topic with a financial model that will be used in the break-out session to create continuity.

It is designed for both non-finance people without modelling experience and modelers who would like to better understand project finance. The level is basic to intermediate but the content is comprehensive.

For the break-out session the audience will be divided into groups that will play the role of an analyst team at a large investment fund tasked with making a recommendation to the fund’s investment committee. Participants will be able to select whether they want to work on a case study in the conventional power or RE sector. They will be provided with an investment case, a simplified project finance model, and a computer. Each team will be asked to select a member to present their conclusions

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