NEWS RELEASE / August 25, 2006

New Thailand power study

AER and CRA announce new Thailand power & fuel study

Asia Energy Resources (‘AER’) and CRA International (previously Charles River Associates) have recently completed a detailed study of the Thai power sector covering the period 2006-2030.

Specialist energy consulting firm, AER, in collaboration with global consulting group, CRA, have published a study of the outlook for the Thai power sector to 2030. The study focuses on short-to-medium term investment opportunities in coal and gas-fired power as well as longer term investment opportunities in LNG.

Power generation in Thailand has traditionally relied on gas-fired power for over two-thirds of its annual supply. In 2005 gas-fired power accounted for 94 TWh of supply in Thailand or 70% of the country’s total of 130 TWh.

According to Franck Constant, Managing Director of AER, “With Thailand’s economy projected to grow at a rate of somewhere between 4 to 6% per annum over the medium and long term, the Thai power sector is currently facing critical and far-reaching decisions. In addition, crossborder energy exchanges, for example with Malaysia are likely to play a greater role”.

Coal has not played a very substantial role in the electricity sector in the past, but the study shows that robust electricity demand in the long run will increase the potential for new large-scale coal plants in Thailand. There may also be scope for LNG-powered plants in the future although LNG will compete against piped gas from Myanmar and Cambodia.

The new study is based on industry analysis software developed jointly by CRA and AER, called ‘CEMOS’ (CRA Energy Modeling Suite) which provides a comprehensive modeling framework for projecting electricity demand, supply, new power investment, regional power flows and fuel supply mix requirements.

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Further to a merger agreement, AER is becoming the Industry Research Division of AWR Lloyd Limited (‘AWR Lloyd’), a specialized energy, mining and metals advisory firm focused on the Asia-Pacific region. AWR Lloyd provides professional services in mergers and acquisitions, strategy consulting, investor relations and industry research. Franck Constant is now a Managing Director of AWR Lloyd.