NEWS RELEASE / January 17, 2018

Europe & Russia

Although AWR Lloyd’s focus is in Asia-Pacific, AWR Lloyd’s roots are in Europe. The original founders of the firm were executives at the French investment bank, Paribas in London and Paris in the 1990s. Many of AWR Lloyd’s principals have extensive experience advising a multitude of energy, mining and metals clients in Europe over several decades.
One of AWR Lloyd’s first assignments was advising the Romanian Government (in conjunction with the World Bank and Paribas) on the privatization of its aluminium industry, including the largest smelter in Central and Eastern Europe. Since then we have also advised European clients like Linde and BG (British Gas) on aspects of their investment and acquisition strategies in Southeast Asia. We have worked for a UK-based private equity fund for a number of years with portfolio reviews and investment evaluation for mining opportunities worldwide. The fund was recently listed on the London Stock Exchange raising approximately $50 million in the process for new investments.
In Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, AWR Lloyd’s principals have experience which dates back to the mid-1990s working with the oil and gas industries (LUKoil, Yukos…) and mining industries. AWR Lloyd has advised a fund in relation to a gold mine project in one of the Central Asian republics and another fund in relation to a silver project in Russia. We have also advised a fertilizer and grain trading group in Switzerland in relation to developing a post-acquisition business plan for a fertilizer company in Russia.