NEWS RELEASE / October 10, 2018

Launch of Disruptive Innovation Service

AWR Lloyd today launched a Disruptive Innovation (‘DI’) service as part of its Strategic Innovation consulting practice. The new service supports the firm’s clients in understanding disruptive trends and in formulating future-proofing strategies to mitigate risks and harness opportunities.

AWR Lloyd’s DI service offers four main assignment modules: 1. Disruptive Innovation Studies, 2. Innovation Review & Recommendations, 3. Strategic Innovation Unit and 4. Innovation Project Support.

The new service is focused on a number of disruptive technologies of relevance to the infrastructure and resources sectors in Asia-Pacific including: E-mobility, IOT management systems, renewable and distributed energy systems, blockchain and advanced transaction platforms, robotics and automation, satellites, remote sensing and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Alex Wood, CEO of AWR Lloyd said “Our core objective is to help clients navigate disruptive mega-trends and, where possible, to leverage these trends to their advantage. Our new service will ideally help clients leapfrog from ‘disrupted’ to ‘disruptor’ status”. He added: “This new service forms part of our Strategic Innovation practice which includes Corporate Finance Strategy services. We also continue to provide our usual M&A, Equity Advisory & Investor Relations and Project Advisory services.”

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