NEWS RELEASE / August 23, 2017

Energy storage investment analysis 101 workshop – AWR Lloyd at Asia Power week 2017

Brought to you by AWR Lloyd this workshop is designed to provide a deep and practical understanding of commercial and investment analysis with regard to battery-based energy storage applications in select Asian markets

This will be the third year that AWR Lloyd has held a “101” workshop focused on investment decision-making at POWER-GEN Asia. As in previous years, the workshop will feature an integrated set of lecture slides and a structured break out session, which is the heart of the event. For the break-out session the audience will be divided into groups who will play the role of a provider of analyst team at a large investment fund tasked with making a recommendation to the fund’s investment committee. Groups will be provided with an investment case description, a final model and other information required to simulate an actual investment review process.

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