NEWS RELEASE / April 29, 2019

CEO Roundtable “Africa and Europe in the 21st Century” in Berlin

Max Jarrett, Senior Advisor to AWR Lloyd, will be the moderator of the upcoming CEO Roundtable “Africa and Europe in the 21st Century” organized by United Europe on 6th May 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

The roundtable will include 30 to 40 diverse leaders in politics and business from Europe and Africa who will assess the necessity and possible terms of a new deal with Africa. With increasing political and economic interest of EU member states in Africa in recent years, Max Jarrett will engage these thought leaders to discuss several vital questions such as:

  • How can an economic partnership can be achieved between a politically weakened and inward-looking Europe and a highly fragmented African continent of 55 countries with insignificant levels of intra-African trade which is only now moving ahead to operationalise a Continental Free Trade Area?
  • How should and could Europe support Africa’s further development in a spirit of true partnership?
  • To what extent is there still a demand for European engagement as China is overwhelming African governments with its Belt and Road Initiative?

Whilst it is clear that the business community across Europe and Africa has much to gain from a new proactive and win-win economic partnership, the journey to how and with whom we can get there requires a complex understanding of the European and African political and economic landscape.

To follow and find out the outcomes of the CEO roundtable, please contact:

Max Jarrett
Senior Advisor, AWR Lloyd