AWR Lloyd signs strategic partnership agreement with PVFC invest in Vietnam – AWR Lloyd
NEWS RELEASE / August 19, 2008

AWR Lloyd signs strategic partnership agreement with PVFC invest in Vietnam

AWR Lloyd, specialist Asia-Pacific resource sector advisory firm, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with PVFC Invest to provide consulting services to the energy, mining and metals industries in Vietnam. The partnership will cover a range of services including pre-feasibility studies, investor relations and stock market strategy work, corporate strategy consulting, energy logistics and risk management advisory, M&A and project finance.

The firms will use best-practice corporate finance principles, modern strategy consulting techniques and extensive industry expertise to help clients build and maximize shareholder value in a sustainable way. Clients are expected to include members of the PetroVietnam group, other Vietnamese companies and international companies seeking to invest in Vietnam.

PVFC Invest was recently established by PVFC, Vietnam International Bank and Petroleum Technical Services Company to provide investment, financial advisory, asset management and risk management consulting services to clients in Vietnam – with a focus on the energy, real estate and high-end tourism sectors.

AWR Lloyd, established eight years ago, is a leading strategic and financial advisor to the energy and mining industries in the Asia-Pacific region. The firm has teams and offices in Hanoi, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul and Sydney.

Managing Director, Alexander Wood, commented on the partnership:

“Although we’ve been active in Vietnam for a number of years, we have only recently established an office and team there. The partnership with PVFC Invest is an excellent opportunity for us to expand our business in Vietnam further. We will start by offering our investor relations and stock market strategy services to listed companies in Vietnam. We will also focus on seeking investment opportunities for our international clients in the oil, coal and power industries in Vietnam”.

Image on the left:
The PVFC Invest team (left) and the AWR Lloyd team (right) in discussions, August 2008.

Image on the right: 
Mr Nguyen Van Xuyen, General Director of PVFC Invest (centre left) and Mr Alexander James Wood, Managing Director of AWR Lloyd (centre right) shake hands at the PVFC Invest office in Hanoi. Next to Mr Xuyen (left) are Miss Mai Thu Giang, Consulting Director of PVFC Invest and other members of the PVFC Invest team. Next to Mr Wood (right) are Chris Larkin, Regional Manager of AWR Lloyd and members of the AWR Lloyd Hanoi team.