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AWR Lloyd offers its employees and consultants an exciting mix of investment banking and strategy consulting work in the Asia-Pacific region. We are always looking for dynamic individuals with a belief in continuous self-improvement and with relevant skills and experience.

We are especially interested in people with the following backgrounds:

  • Industry (power, oil and gas, steel, mining…etc): either from the operational side or with corporate level experience (business development, corporate planning, corporate finance…)
  • Equity research: equity research analysts from the main investment banks with experience in covering the energy, metals and mining sectors
  • Industry fund managers: analysts and fund managers (mutual funds, private equity…etc) with experience in the energy, mining and metals sectors.
  • Strategy consulting: individuals with training and experience at the large international strategy consulting firms, particularly those with experience in Asia or in the basic industries – and those with good corporate finance skills.
  • M&A investment banking: investment bankers with experience in M&A transactions in the Asia-Pacific region and/or in the basic industries.

We put particular emphasis on the following skills:

  • Industry knowledge (energy, mining, metals…)
  • Valuation analysis and financial modeling skills
  • Understanding of the principles of ‘corporate finance’ and shareholder value
  • Understanding of the dynamics of equity capital markets (funds, analysts, stock exchanges…)
  • M&A transaction skills
  • Detective mentality to hypothesis-building, research, analysis and solutions
  • Powerpoint slide design and composition
  • Good written English
  • Verbal presentation skills
  • Client relationship skills

We are currently seeking:

Analysts and Associates

Individuals with at least 3-6 years relevant working experience. Analysts and Associates provide general assignment support in terms of research, analysis, financial modeling, Powerpoint presentation composition etc.

Managers and Associate Directors

Individuals with at least 6-10 years relevant working experience. Managers and Associate Directors are responsible for business development, assignment scoping and management, client relationship management – and supervision of all research, analysis, modeling and report execution work. Managers and Associate Directors must ensure delivery of high quality work to clients in a timely fashion – and be responsive to client requests.

Senior Consultants and  Directors

Individuals with at least 10 years relevant working experience either with an industry, service or geographic specialization. AWR Lloyd Consultants work with AWR Lloyd Directors, Associate Directors, Managers, Associates and Analysts to develop and execute client business in particular industries (e.g. coal), service areas (e.g. IR) or countries (e.g. China).
For further information please contact us or send a CV at the following email: