AWR Lloyd is well recognized for being the driving force behind many players in the Asian power sector. Our principals have extensive expertise in the development and financing of power generation projects as well as energy procurement strategies throughout Asia-Pacific.

Recently, AWR Lloyd advised Petronas on the development of a regional power master plan, covering the execution of entry strategies and research on the power market structure, regulatory framework and potential market entry of selected countries. We also provided them with apower plant database of selected countries, benchmarking with other incumbents that are exposed to similar assets as well as lessons learnt from successes and failures in the industry.

Our proprietary database and software on the power generation, transmission and distribution sector combined with an on-the-ground first-hand evaluation of the project enables us to model potential power demand scenarios,  assess potential risks, conduct rigorous economic analysis of fuel and electricity pricing and assess dispatch levels of power plants. Our capability extends to the construction of detailed revenue and cash flow projection models in an attempt to provide our clients with sensitivity and scenario analysis.

Our regional presence helps us maintain close relationships with our clients and monitor the market for any opportunities with regard to Independent Power Producer (IPP) bidding , Small Power Producer (SPP) development and other M&A activities in the region.

With our exhaustive yet straight-to-the-point analysis, AWR Lloyd is committed to providing its clients with insightful advice from the perspectives of investors and lenders, as the case may be. Our experience on both the regulated and unregulated side of the power market has proven to be financially beneficial to our clients.