NEWS RELEASE / January 16, 2018

Bart Lucarelli

  • Over 30 years’ of experience in Asian and African energy sectors
  • Founder, Roleva Energy Ltd – Bangkok-based energy consultancy, since 2004
  • VP – Asset Management / General Manager of Quezon Power, 1996-2004 based in Philippines, Thailand and Singapore: coal-fired power power plant commissioned 2000 delivering power to the Luzon grid in Philippines. Quezon was acquired by EGCO in 2012.
  • Manager, Business Development – Asia in Hong Kong, BHP Power, 1995-96
  • Senior Energy Economist, Lahmeyer International, a German engineering group, 1985-1995: planning and consulting services for Asian (Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan) and African (Malawi, Lesotho) energy projects
  • Asia based since 1989, with extensive experience as a power plant developer and consultant on power, fuels and renewable energy throughout SE Asia, especially in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore
  • City Planning Department, University of California, Berkeley, 1984-85
  • Frequent speaker at energy and power conferences on topics such as solar PV economics, coal markets and pricing, advanced energy technologies, and LNG supply and pricing
  • BA (Economics), MCRP and PhD (Energy Planning and Economics) from University of California at Berkeley