Thailand Management Association

Thailand Management Association (TMA) is an association comprising over 350 member organizations across various industries and sectors that was established to enhance the managerial excellence and competitiveness of businesses in Thailand. TMA provides public trainings, customized trainings, and international conferences through in-person and virtual platforms.

Our partnership

TMA and AWR Lloyd have developed a strategic alliance to accelerate the growth and understanding of ESG among Thai corporates through multiple events combining TMA’s outreach and knowledge sharing platform with AWR Lloyd’s deep knowledge of the ESG market and practices.

ESG Series 2021

There has never been a more crucial time for companies to adopt a sustainability-oriented mindset. With increasing knowledge, media coverage and public interest, ESG factors have become core to evaluating business resilience and long-term sustainability. For Thai companies, ESG has become one of the most important growth areas and a strategic priority. AWR Lloyd and TMA have partnered to arrange seven events to support Thai companies enhance their ESG understanding and ability to identify related material risks and opportunities.

  1. ESG Survey
  2. Risk & Crisis Management
  3. Climate Change & Net Zero
  4. The State of Green Finance
  5. CVC for SDGs
  6. Beyond ESG disclosure
  7. The End of Shareholder Primacy?