NEWS RELEASE / August 27, 2021

AWR Lloyd presented Real Estate Tokenization: Modern Reality or Pipe Dream? (WEBINAR)

Thailand is adopting real estate tokens as the first regulated digital assets to create an alternative capital marketplace at a time when developers are struggling to access traditional capital and the crypto-boom has captured the attention of the modern investor. What are real estate tokens? How do they work? Is this Thailand’s modern reality or a pipe dream?AWR Lloyd is bringing together experts at the forefront of this digital disruption in protech, fintech, real estate and capital markets to discuss the latest developments and future trends in the industry.

Our panelists:

  1. Palawi Bunnag, Partner at @ILCT, a pioneering international law firm engaging in business law practice in Thailand.
  2. Vincent Nguyen, Founder & CEO of @T-BOX, a licensed ICO Portal in Thailand
  3. Robert Li, CEO of @Li & Co., an independent advisory and investor relations firm operating in Thailand and Hong Kong
  4. Aris Stamoulis, a managing director at @AWR Lloyd, a boutique strategic consulting and financial advisory firm