Why clients hire us

Alexander Wood
Vice Chairman

Alex Wood has over two decades of experience working with the energy, mining, metals, infrastructure and real estate industries. He is one of the founders of AWR Lloyd and was previously with the French investment bank, Paribas from 1991 to 1999. He is based in Bangkok but travels frequently between London, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Saigon.


Email: wood@awrlloyd.com

"The number one objective in all our work is to help our clients maximize shareholder value in a sustainable way. While some of our competitors claim to be pursuing the same game, clients hire AWR Lloyd for three very specific reasons.

First and foremost we are hired because our approach is independent, innovative and tailor-made. If a client just wants an off-the-shelf product or a report to rubber stamp a decision, then they may be better off with one of the conventional generalist consulting groups. AWR Lloyd provides a specialist service which delivers a unique fusion of the skills and expertise which form the basis of the three mainstream corporate advisory businesses. Our service is discrete, customized, flexible and hands-on.

The second reason clients hire us is for our industry expertise. We bring insights to our clients which are based on deep sectoral knowledge and experience.

The third reason is that, unlike some of our competitors, we avoid the ‘fly-in fly-out’ approach. Our directors, consultants and staff are mainly ‘on-the-ground’ in Asia with real and extensive local networks and experience".