Project and industry studies for renewable energy

AWR Lloyd’s renewable energy team has decades of experience in wind, solar and biomass projects. We combine this experience along with our capabilities in gas & power market advisory to provide comprehensive analysis to our clients of the key factors that drive renewable growth: technology, government policy, macro-economic trends, power market dynamics and environmental regulatory policy.

We focus on helping clients: understand technology trends and outlook, competition, regulatory developments, how renewable energy fits within a markets broader power sector, cost effective means of meeting renewable energy goals and in developing market entry strategies.  We have worked with project developers, lenders and original equipment manufacturers both on market analysis issues and on successful project implementation.

By leveraging our network of key industry participants with our power market services, we are able to provide strong support to our clients in taking their projects from ‘cradle to grave’.

For example

AWR Lloyd was commissioned by a Korean company to undertake an industry study for a potential ‘waste to energy’ greenfield investment in the Southwest of Thailand. The scope of work included providing an overview of the Thailand power market, assessing renewable power project development in Thailand and assessing feedstock availability.

Subsequently, upon request by the client, we also conducted a detailed review of feedstock supply, heat value analysis and  local governmental regulation. As a result, the client gained an in-depth understanding of the power market and was able to make an informed decision.