Project and industry studies for other mining and metals

In addition to AWR Lloyd’s experience in the Asia-Pacific energy sector, some of AWR Lloyd’s principals also have extensive experience working with the non-ferrous mining and industrial minerals industries – and some have experience working with the steel and ferro-alloys industries.

For non-ferrous mining, AWR Lloyd can help provide project or industry studies in relation to the gold, copper, zinc, gold, nickel, tin and bauxite mining industries in Southeast Asia. For industrial minerals, we have particular experience in the potash sector both in Asia-Pacific and worldwide. In steel and ferro-alloys, AWR Lloyd has extensive experience in analyzing the steel industries of Thailand and Vietnam. For iron ore mining, AWR Lloyd and its principals can draw on extensive global experience.

AWR Lloyd can provide country-focused studies or regional studies which analyze the current and future structure of corporate control, resources, reserves, processing technologies, capital cost and operating cost estimates, trade flows and demand dynamics.

For example

A large Japanese trading group hired AWR Lloyd to provide a focused analysis of a Thai steel company in the context of the Thai steel sector more generally. The client was considering acquiring a power plant which would provide electricity to the steel company and was concerned about its creditworthiness. AWR Lloyd analyzed the financial strength of the Thai steel company, provided a financial projection model, assessed the company’s competitive advantages and future feedstock and off-take dynamics. AWR Lloyd also provided an analysis of the corporate control structure, value chain economics and demand of the Thai steel sector as a whole with medium term forecasts.