Project and industry studies for LNG, gas and power


AWR Lloyd focuses on helping clients understand the global dynamics of the LNG industry and how to respond to changing events that drive price and demand.  Our services are based around in-depth experience in the industry and our industry database, which includes details of every LNG export and receiving terminal across the globe including contract information.

AWR Lloyd has conducted multiple downstream studies on the LNG markets of Thailand, China, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia as well as global studies. Our analysis focuses on regional demand, supply and prices but also includes regulatory assessment, value chain analysis, technical and economic modeling of the gas value chain, logistics analysis and on-the-ground due diligence.

Our experience is based on Principals who have worked within the industry with companies like GDF Suez, Chevron and BP and extends across the entire value chain.


AWR Lloyd provides regional gas and power research services within the Asia-Pacific based on a deep understanding of the markets in the region and focused on the key issues and fundamentals that drive gas & power prices. Our analysis of supply and demand dynamics, market structures and price forecasting is used by market participants, financial institutions and regulators as the basis for strategic investment and operational decisions in the key markets of the region.

Our key principals have worked within the industry as power project developers for companies like Mirant, Enron, Texaco, GDF Suez and Sithe .  We build upon that commercial knowledge of the power value chain by gaining an in depth understanding of the client’s strengths and abilities. This enables us to provide strategic value-creating advice to power companies.

AWR Lloyd past analysis has included: valuation of power plants, assessment of ideal timing for power plant fuel conversions, advising lenders on future prices and power market outlook, analysis of environmental regulatory policy and outlook for Renewable Energy Credit prices and advisory on gas purchase/electricity sales strategy. 

For example: LNG

When a Southeast Asian gas utility was reviewing development of a receiving terminal and importation of LNG, AWR Lloyd was asked to undertake a review of supply options, tariff options for the terminal and pipelines and forecast the end user domestic gas price.

The study reviewed the current status of the LNG market, supply options for contracts commencing between 2015-2020, likely pricing, a review of key contracting terms, shipping considerations, a model of the receiving terminal and a determination of tariffs along each link of the onshore value chain culminating in an outlook for retail prices.


AWR Lloyd was instrumental in the development of a power master plan for Petronas, the Malaysian oil and gas major. The scope of work included advice on the execution of entry strategies, research on power market and regulatory structure, providing power plant databases of selected countries and benchmarking other petroleum companies that had been exposed to power assets.

Petronas has adopted the master plan developed by AWR Lloyd and is currently pursuing the entry strategy recommended by AWR Lloyd.