Project and industry studies for infrastructure and terminal projects

AWR Lloyd’s extensive work in relation to oil and gas terminals in Southeast Asia has led the firm to diversify its work into project studies for non-energy focused infrastructure, terminal, industrial estate and real estate projects.

As Asian economies grow and as the trade flows to and from Asian countries increase the demand for new infrastructure, new terminals and ports, new industrial estate projects and new real estate projects also increases. AWR Lloyd can provide project-focused, country-focused or regional studies which analyze potential demand for infrastructure, industrial estate and terminal facilities – and for the products (e.g. steel, oil, chemicals, agricultural commodities….) which are likely to be transported, produced or stored at these locations. We can also analyze the current and future structure of corporate control in these infrastructure sectors, capital cost and operating cost estimates, trade flows and long term supply and demand dynamics.

For example

AWR Lloyd was appointed to advise in relation to a major infrastructure project in the south of Thailand involving both energy and non-energy components.

The core aspect of the project was an oil pipeline with oil storage and a refinery – but an industrial estate, an aluminium smelter and other industries were also being considered. AWR Lloyd provided a comprehensive analysis of demand potential for all aspects of the infrastructure project.