Project and industry studies for crude oil and petroleum products

Most of AWR Lloyd’s principals have worked with the oil and gas industries for over a decade and in some cases more than two decades. AWR Lloyd’s expertise in upstream oil and gas is focused mainly on Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia…) but in midstream and downstream oil our expertise and experience extends throughout Asia-Pacific and to some extent to the Middle East. In particular, AWR Lloyd has developed an extensive and deep knowledge of the refining, petrochemicals, storage and trading sectors in Southeast Asia.
AWR Lloyd can provide country-focused studies or regional studies which analyze the structure of corporate control, resources, reserves, refinery technology, oil storage capacities and vessel access, capital cost and operating cost estimates, trade flows and demand dynamics. We can provide long range analysis, particularly for demand and trade flows to into and within the Asia-Pacific region for crude and petroleum products.

For example

AWR Lloyd provided a study of long term petroleum demand in Cambodia, the Mekong River Delta and Ho Chi Minh City for a joint venture considering the development of an oil storage and trading business at Can Tho in the south of Vietnam.

AWR Lloyd analyzed the structure of petroleum demand in these areas for different products (diesel, gasoline, fuel oil…) and forecast demand scenarios over the next twenty years.

Based on extensive site due diligence and interviews with traders and distributors in the area we also profiled the various competitors and analyzed the competitive economics of alternative sources of supply to these zones of demand, factoring in logistics costs and delivery times.