Project and industry studies for coal

AWR Lloyd and its principals have many decades of combined experience working with the thermal and coking coal industries in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide. In recent years AWR Lloyd has conducted studies and analysis in relation to the thermal and coking coal industries in China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, India and Mozambique.

AWR Lloyd can provide analysis of the ownership structure of these industries in each country, profiles of both the larger and smaller players, resources, reserves, coal grades, logistics and infrastructure analysis, capital cost and operating cost estimates, new projects, trade flows and customers. Through our knowledge of the power and steel sectors we can also model long term demand scenarios for thermal and metallurgical coal.

Where clients need long range coal price forecasts, AWR Lloyd provides long term demand scenario analysis and long term CV-adjusted FOB and CIF cost curve analysis in the main areas of future supply. The marginal cost of production forms a core fundamental benchmark for long term pricing analysis but we also factor in the potential impact of speculative influences on prices and the impact of market sentiment. Finally, for thermal coal, we analyze the historical and future substitution relationships between coal and alternative sources of energy for power, in particular gas (and oil) and renewable energy.

For example

A large Japanese trading group asked AWR Lloyd to provide a focused study of Thai thermal coal imports now and into the future.

The client already had a fuel trading business into Thailand and wanted to consider entering the coal trade to Thailand. AWR Lloyd analyzed the current structure of thermal coal supply and demand in Thailand and provided an analysis of long term future demand and supply trends to indicate potential opportunities for market entry.