The AWR Lloyd Foundation

The AWR Lloyd Foundation is a new charitable venture providing support to underprivileged and disadvantaged children in the Asia-Pacific region.


The Foundation has two main areas of focus:

  •  The support of children in extreme poverty or danger, and of children in need of special protection and care. The AWR Lloyd Foundation will aim to support charitable projects in Asia and Australia for street kids, orphans, children in war-zones or refugee camps, and children with terminal or severe illness.
  • The support and / or initiation of educational projects which enable underprivileged kids in Asia to obtain a much better education than they would otherwise have received. Ideally such projects will also generate a positive multiplier dynamic whereby when these kids are older they can enter into constructive careers which bring value and stimulus back to their home countries and communities – via business enterprise, social projects, public service or other work.

The Foundation relies on donations of money, time, skills and energy from AWR Lloyd group founders, partners, consultants, employees and clients. For more information please contact Nadda at

 TheFoundation is currently involved in the following projects:


  •   Afghan kids international education opportunity programme:

The AWR Lloyd Foundation is supporting underprivileged kids from Afghanistan to go to top international schools in the UK and Thailand. In the UK, the Foundation will support an initiative to enable a group of Afghan kids to attend Wellington College, one of the UK’s best schools (rated ‘Outstanding’ by the last UK governmental academic inspection in all areas). In Thailand the Foundation will support two Afghan kids to attend The Regent’s Schools in Bangkok and Pattaya – Round Square schools that are linked to The Regent’s School in the UK (a leading prep school). These projects are being coordinated in conjunction with Peter Dalglish, Senior Advisor to the UN in Kabul for child development and founder of Street Kids International.


                 Children playing in Afghanistan               Wellington College, UK                    The Regent’s School, Bangkok


  •  The Yayasan Kasih Mandiri Bersinar orphanage in Jakarta:

The AWR Lloyd Foundation is supporting the Yayasan Kasih Mandiri Bersinar orphanage in Jakarta, through fund raising activities, and the donation of supplies and basic goods.


            Children play at the YKMB orphanage in Jakarta


Past projects have included:


  • Playground for the Thai Red Cross children’s home in Bangkok:

In Bangkok, the AWR Lloyd Foundation, in conjunction with PYI Consulting, donated and installed playground equipment at the Thai Red Cross Children Home on Children’s Day 2011. While some of the staff worked on installing the playground equipment, others entertained the children through interactive games. The laughter and playfulness of the children during lunch humbled us all and motivated us to complete the playground with haste. The smiles on the children’s faces at the end of the day brought a warm feeling to all our hearts !


           Building a playground for the Thai Red Cross in Bangkok

  •  Contribution to Koala Kids

The AWR Lloyd Foundation made a donation in 2012 to Koala Kids, an Australian charity organization dedicated to the care and support of children with cancer.


          Children play with toys and face paints, at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Australia