National Security & Country Risk

Over the past two years AWR Lloyd has launched a National Security & Country Risk practice. The practice is closely linked to its Strategic Industries franchise.

AWR Lloyd works with governments and private sector players to develop strategies to strengthen national security and for crisis contingency planning and risk mitigation relating to military, terrorist and natural disaster threats.

In the area of country risk and geo-political risk, AWR Lloyd has a specialist division, CLC Asia ( with extensive experience across Asia. 

CLC Asia provides industry and political risk advisory to investors in Asia. CLC Asia focuses on key areas of concern to both new and existing investors in Asia: the competitive landscape of the market, as well as the underlying political and policy environment. CLC Asia understands that in emerging markets there are different motivations, expectations and goals that drive governments and businesses. We help clients understand what these are. We also understand that in a region as dynamic as Asia, general perceptions of a country do not adequately define the actual risks that will affect their operations. As such, we help clients determine the influences which may affect their projects locally. Our consultants are based ‘on the ground’ in Asia and have extensive experience in the region. All of our principals have worked for both the private and public sectors in the region, and can provide a unique insight to the political and business environments of the region.