Aerospace & Other Strategic Industries

AWR Lloyd is developing a Strategic Industries franchise defined as covering industries and advanced technologies deemed critical to national security and to long term economic development. As such this area of expertise is closely linked to our National Security & Country Risk practice. Strategic Industries includes remote sensing technologies, advanced energy and materials technologies, rare earths – and defense-related industries.

AWR Lloyd is advising a Southeast Asian government ministry in relation to the development of its long term earth observation satellite strategy. The assignment includes strategic consulting, international benchmarking, feasibility and business planning modules. Key focus areas are satellite technology (both optical and radar), midstream and downstream capability development – and applications around natural resources, infrastructure development and national security.

AWR Lloyd’s Senior Consultants also have extensive experience with other earth observation satellite consulting assignments both in Asia (e.g. GISTDA in Thailand) and Europe (e.g. with the European Space Agency).

In the area of advanced energy and materials technologies, AWR Lloyd has advised clients in relation to strategic development and capital-raising for a vanadium redox flow battery venture, a carbohydrate fuel cell technology venture – and an ultra-clean coal technology venture.