AWR Lloyd was originally conceived in the late 1990s by three senior executives from the Mining & Metals team of the French investment bank, Banque Paribas

The firm was officially established in early 2000 in Paris

The firm was later re-established in its current form in Hong Kong in 2002

George Lloyd became Chairman

Offices and consulting teams established throughout region

Merged with Asia Energy Resources, an industry research and market study firm focused on the natural gas and power industries in Asia

Strategy consulting and investor relations practice joint venture in Thailand with a local consulting firm

Alexander Wood became Chief Executive Officer

Established subsidiary AWR Lloyd LLC and office in Austin, Texas under Hal Kaiser and Lilly Teng

Jakarta office established

Launch of "The Pearl" market intelligence and research service

AWR Lloyd Consulting established to develop the group's strategy consulting expertise and to diversify the group's sector coverage (strategic industries, infrastructure, real estate and other sectors) and service range.

Alexander Wood became Vice Chairman

AWR Lloyd Asset Management established to develop fund management businesses focused on the Asia-Pacific region.