Value-maximizing corporate strategy

Value-maximizing strategy is normally based on asset investment and related HR strategies that focus on deploying a company’s core skills and competitive advantages in markets with significant value growth potential. This way a company can grow market share in an expanding market. AWR Lloyd helps its clients identify core skills, areas of current and latent competitive advantage – and market growth potential.

We then advise on the formulation and implementation of medium and long term corporate strategic plans designed to maximize shareholder value. In some cases we have developed a ‘Value Creation Roadmap*’ for our clients. If a company focuses on its core areas of competence it can divest ‘non-core’ businesses and reinvest the proceeds from divestment in expanding its core businesses.

*Note: Value Creation Roadmap is a proprietary AWR Lloyd analytical tool.

For example

AWR Lloyd advised a Southeast Asian energy technology company over a number of years on the formulation of a global strategy to develop and commercialize its fuel cell and energy storage technologies.

AWR Lloyd considered alternative applications including storage for wind and solar power, grid-based electricity trading and mobile electricity storage.

We analyzed the economics of competing technologies and developed a long term business plan and strategy. We also provided a development-stage probability-based discounted cash flow and multiples based valuation of the company and its technologies as a support for raising funds and capital from government and private equity fund sources.