Growth and M&A strategy

AWR Lloyd works with its clients to understand their core areas of competitive advantage, growth targets and investment criteria.

We then advise our clients on how and where to focus their growth strategies through acquisition, investment, joint ventures, new projects and mergers.

We analyze demand trends, industry economics and competition in the target growth markets. We look at the control structure of industries in different countries – and suggest and profile potential targets. We then advise on potential strategies and tactics for approaching the agreed targets.

If a company is at a early stage of developing an M&A strategy, AWR Lloyd can also prepare simulation ‘M&A Wargame’* workshops to help clients think through different scenarios.

*Note: AWR Lloyd M&A Wargame is a proprietary AWR Lloyd analytical tool.

For example

AWR Lloyd recently worked for a state-owned Fortune 500 oil and gas group in Southeast Asia to formulate a regional power sector investment masterplan.

We conducted research on the power market and regulatory structures of China, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe – and developed a detailed power plant database of the selected countries.

AWR Lloyd advised on market entry strategies and provided benchmarking and case study analysis of other oil and gas groups with investments in the power sector, suggesting ‘lessons learnt’ from their experiences.