Corporate and financial restructuring

AWR Lloyd helps its clients to evaluate the pros and cons of alternative corporate and financial restructuring strategies.

This work normally builds on the results of other service modules provided by AWR Lloyd, e.g. ‘Share price and valuation’, ‘Value-maximizing corporate strategy’ and ‘Medium and long term financial planning’.  

Some listed companies suffer from ‘holding company discounts’ or realize that certain assets are seen as non-core by the investment community. After reviewing the client’s core competencies, developing a value-focused strategy – and determining long term funding requirements, AWR Lloyd helps its clients to consider corporate restructuring (unbundling, spin-offs, divestments, internal reorganizations…) and financial restructuring options (share buybacks, special dividends, asset-level finance, private equity structures…) to unlock shareholder value and redeploy capital to achieve higher returns.

For example

After conducting extensive valuation work, strategic consulting work and medium term financial planning for a Southeast Asian energy client, AWR Lloyd advised on potential non-core divestments, unbundling and spin-off scenarios as well as alternative financial restructuring strategies. The client is currently considering the options for further action.