Business development standard operating procedures

AWR Lloyd’s principals have several decades of experience in advising energy, mining and resource clients on acquisitions and investments in the Asia-Pacific region. Some of our principals have also worked in large corporates in business development or M&A departments.

We therefore have extensive experience in effective procedures and methodologies for developing strategic plans, screening spreadsheets, desktop evaluation systems, target evaluation procedure, due diligence procedure, negotiation and financial structuring.

We have developed a proprietary standard operating framework for our clients called ‘Hypothesis to Value Creation’* focused around four parallel themes: Valuation (As-Is), Value Add Plan, Risks & Feasibility and Structuring & Finance.

*Note: Hypothesis to Value Creation is a proprietary AWR Lloyd analytical tool.

For example

AWR Lloyd has worked with a large listed Southeast Asian coalmining group to improve and standardize the company’s Business Development department standard operating procedures (SOPs).

AWR Lloyd advised on the implementation of the Hypothesis to Value Creation system and provided training to key members of the Business Development department.

We then helped the team to develop a detailed coal asset Target Universe Screening Spreadsheet for quarterly review and a Hot List or Watch List system for priority targets.